Build web3 with friends.

Developer DAO is a community of thousands of web3 builders creating a better internet. Join us and create the future.

Current Status - Season 0

We're forming guilds, creating culture, strengthening our community, teaching & learning, and building cool things together.



  1. Transparency

    Open Source Everything, Conversations In Public, Document And Share Journey

  2. Diversity and Inclusion

    Seek To Foster As Diverse A Membership As Possible And Support Everyone To Contribute

  3. Responsibility

    As A Self-governed Community We Rely On Members To Be Personally Responsible For Their Actions And Commitments To The Community

  4. Kindness and Empathy

    We Know That We Are Living In A Complex, Stressful, And Diverse World And Go Out Of Our Way To Make People’s Lives And Days Better Through Our Interactions


Developer DAO exists to accelerate the education and impact of a new wave of web3 builders.


  1. Onboard, Educate & Support Web3 Developers

  2. Foster & Build Web3 Tools & Public Goods

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